Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Eventing Affair!: The Affair is Over!

An Eventing Affair!: The Affair is Over!:                                         The Affair is Over Goodbye Eventing.... Hello Dressage Since my rider hasn

The Affair is Over!

                                        The Affair is Over

Goodbye Eventing.... Hello Dressage

Since my rider hasn't preformed any eventing in almost two years, I'd say "It's over". 
   At first she just wanted to join the dressage barn to brush up on her flat work. She yearned to secure a lower starting point, because in eventing the lower the score the better. The girl wanted more than anything; to STOP detesting and despising dressage! The only way to stop hating it, is to become better at it, right?   The thought of possibly having a leg up (better dressage) on ALL the other eventers, was probably in there, too.  Hey, I know how competitive she is.  You know, scoring in the top half of the class after the dressage phase  is always wished for, Let's face it, it's kind of a must in order to have a any chance at all for a win. Well to be honest, it was rare that my rider saw the top, mostly hung out at the bottom of the list. So it made perfect sense that she would go to ride at a dressage barn. 
     It's not just some little crappy dressage barn. It's a full blown, German Master owned,  horse training facility!  Each horse has it's very own perfectly fitted, expensive luxurious saddle. Never, ever would a working student be allowed to tack up their old Wintec on a clients  horses back.! Heavens No! The training is, of course very classical. Everything is strict and straight up orderly, and it's all extremely correct, except sometimes the English language gets muddled up with German. But besides that,  the place is perfect. And THAT place has swallowed-up my daughter, just like the GIANT MONSTRO WHALE in Pinocchio that gulped-up Geppetto. They're now just living inside his belly. Waiting to be sneezed out. 
     My rider loves it! She quickly went from being a mucking working student to a 40 hour full time horse trainer, riding 5 to 6 really nice horses a day. With that comes a paycheck and constant instruction. The Master has a eye on her riders at all times, it's like she has 4 eyes with the piercing ability to strike out and smack a good seat into you. She absolutely must have those horses ridden correctly or you will end up feeling like the stinking muck pile. There is no room for showing up late, leaving early or slacking in any way.  And if you lie to her ... you will want to die. Loosing the Masters trust is like getting the death penalty. It takes months and months for her to trust you again.
     Some of the clients ride and show their own horses and some clients pay for the Master or the Assistant riders to compete their horses it all depends. Luckily, my rider has a very nice, talented young Oldenburg mare that she's been working with since she arrived at the dressage barn. She absolutely loves her! They connect. It's been wonderful to watch because they are both learning together. Slowly, and effectively they're going through the levels. It's what you would expect. We're all excited to see how it all goes and I plan to keep you posted. 


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