Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everybody walked away fine.....Ocala Horse Trials

     Speculation seduction time! This is a review of the Winter II (over 450) horse trials that took place in Ocala Florida this past Valentines weekend. The pony pats and people hugs proved that love was in the air. There were plenty of leash pulling puppies and golf cart riding dogs to fill up any empty heart. Heavily talked about chicken sandwiches along with graciously grilled cheeseburgers were presented deliciously at the newly constructed concession stand. Yeah, finally warm showers if you would like. Our Sunday was lovely, open and free, no where on earth I'd rather be!
     Then it came to me, positively stimulating my thoughts like a hot pesky poker. "Our thoughts are what program our reality."  I have never been more sure of this statement, until now....since hooking up with Eventing riders. All of our opinions, suspicions and hunches clip like suspenders holding up what ends up happening to us. Beliefs create our emotional state. They affect our health. Thoughts affect what we do and say to people.
     If a rider says "my horse saves me every time!" What do you believe that rider has convinced themselves of?  All of a sudden, brainwashed horse controller really doesn't have to ride perfectly anymore. No need for exact set-ups and committed striding, because the horse will adjust and fix everything. "Maybe" but eventually "maybe not". The horse and rider might just end up taking a nasty viewable rotational fall. It's bad jumping positions, and wrong decisions that  no one likes to see. Now, I don't know exactly what caused the young preliminary rider and her horse to turn over with a tumble over the jump. However, after the impact grunts, through the horizontal head shaking, I could see that both members of that team had popped up off the ground. Gladly, they both shook-off and walked away fine. It's a delicate thing, awareness of thoughts.
     Trainers that ride while competing with showing students all around have got to control their own thoughts as well as understand what their crew is thinking about. How are their riding students feeling and are they using a bit or some other untested equipment? The reason is not exactly completely know as to why that horse regressed to full speed racing. It was obvious that the gray gallop~er was running away with his rider. Even from our far distance we could all see their jet-speed dust billowing as her eyebrows began to peel off of her face.... After the "up the bank, one stride, then down the bank" was done in a bounce the officials called her out. She had to STOP! They were halted from taking even one more stride across the country. At least she wasn't swearing and cussing the entire way, like my rider when that crap happened to her. Luckily, all was well just bewildered, I guess.
     CONGRATULATIONS to all the LOVELY WINNERS: Susannah Lansdale riding Buck Naked/Caroline Martin had the Classic Touch/Lesley Law did with two:Rehy Lux and Asterion/Sarah Stinneford lit the Roman Candle/Melissa Schielein showed Cavelier's Sealilly/Ellen Doughty obeyed well with Sir Oberon/Kate Brown downed it with her Mojito/William Ward was Just Talk'n/M. Kendalyne Overway did it on Collegiate Sweet Leila/Amy Bowers couldn't of been Sappier/Heather Morris tackled it with two: Sportsfield Maisie Grey AND the Poet II/Sable Giesler gobbled it up with the Evil Munchkin/Alexis Brown had no frown riding Hillary W/Robin Walker couldn't do it without the Canadian Exchange/Tom Borthwick unmasked Mischief's Replica/Alex Reed stared with Orion's Bold Belle/Crossroad was taken by Tuuli Juurikkala/Imtiaz Anees won with Valenta/Katlyn Hewson felt no green on Jack's Irish Z/Lauren Kieffer came out with Dipnsnuff/Annie Yeager amused everyone with her Walk On The Moon/Brook Pickering rode Abbey Rhode/Stephanie Baer prevailed with Zohar/Jacqueline Bradshaw danced with her Russian Go Go And Clark Montgomery would have a Stellor King. Nice show put on by Equiventures. 

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