Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Shot on little Shoty

  Ha ha ha,  hee hee, I can hear the snickering now. Half suppressed laughter coming from the hidden smirks."What in the world is she riding?" and "Wow, she must be desperate"  from the minds of many.  Go ahead and laugh, I would laugh too if I were you. It's ridiculous! Who on earth, would ever event a haflinger pony? And why?
   Introducing "Chatzka" sounds like "shots-kah". She's a ten year old, quick-witted  tiny little 13.1 hh  haffie, that never, ever gets off of the farm. Hardly unintelligent like someone I know called her... "Shoty" is the perfect "twinkie" hostess with the most est, for sure. She's an extremely lucky little half a horse for so many, many reasons, with the best one being her owners.

    Here's "live in the moment" owner gal, one of the happiest ladies I know: Andrea Carlson. She and her family are the caring cautious owners of Chatzka. This equestrian rides for pleasure and for therapy. Carlson is a young physically handicapped twenty-four year old rider that knows and loves her horse very much. She is also well aware of  her own disabilities and riding limitations. That being said, both Andrea and her mom, Sue Carlson  really want to see how well their smart, power packed little pony can hold up under competition. Andreas' mother said, her mare really doesn't need to prove anything to anybody, she's just a girl ,that wants to have some fun. Poor little repressed pony is the prime age to actually do something with. There is a new found sporty fitness, well trained manners, topped off with bored bottled up barn sourness just waiting to implode and  possibly bring home brightly colored ribbons. We are going to EVENT her! It's true. Everyone knows. there is a  ton of pride that goes along with being the owner and allowing another rider to take their horse out and experience adventures. "Let's get her out more" we all agreed. Allow her to go places and feel the kind of travels this rider knows she will never be able to do. Fingers, legs and eyes-crossed that all goes well and my rider can educate this pony along with give these owners the thrill of a lifetime! Hopefully we will "go eventing" soon.


  1. Wishing Chatzka lots of luck (and fun). Just popped over from hay net where your blog is blog of the day, so congrats on that.

    1. Thanks SO very much. We are 2 steps closer to "Chatzka of the will-o-be" LET THE EVENTING adventure begin. 1st step tadpole snagged 3rd place. // Owners were thrilled and delighted to the point of our second step, that we are going to do it again. Thanks also for the blog of the day, nice compliment for sure!

  2. Pony power! Can't wait to follow your adventures. Here is a 14hh Connemara who is going prelim with his adult rider!


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